Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marcus Brewer Killing Us Softy~Tony Stonem Not So Softly

So in real life the dork that is Marcus Brewer ~ About a Boy (2002)
would never grow up to be Tony Stonem ~ Skins (2007)

Nicholas Hoult has transformed.

This kid, I say kid, even though in the UK and across Europe he has become a sex symbol-a concept that is still weird to me, because he will always be Marcus Brewer "shake your ass" dork,
this kid has grown up to be a really good looking young man and he is a terrific actor.

I saw him in The Weatherman in 2005 and Nicolas Cage played his father-yeah right, Tom Cruise could be, but sorry Cage, no way. In any case, he had some pretty dramatic scenes in that film and did a great job. Now I see him in Skins and it is very weird to see his character play such a wanker. That said, he is a great actor. He has been given some amazing scenes and just like in About a Boy, he delivers.

He was also in A Single Man, which I haven't seen yet, I believe this guy is someone to watch closely. I am sure he will go far.

I would love to write something and put him in it. He is really that good of an actor. The next Tom Cruise? Maybe. Hard to say, he is young, but he does resemble him in looks and talent.

If you haven't seen Skins, you should. It is a great show with amazing characters.

Again, I am gobsmacked when I see him now, it's so weird. I have seen About a Boy like a million times and so I feel like I know Marcus (and Will-Hugh Grant) so it is a bit disturbing to see him play Tony.

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