Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Could All Learn From Michael Costello

I love Project Runway. I have watched it from the beginning and always enjoy the fashion and creativity of it. This season immediately I liked several people, and Micheal Costello (Michael C - as everyone calls him) was one of them. I loved his personality and I loved how he handled some truly awful situations that happened to him by some of the others.

I friended him on Facebook (thank you Mark Zuckerberg!! Love Facebook) and I noticed under his favorite quotes he has this:

"love your life and make the most of it! be straight forward!!! and dont care what any one thinks!!! put your passions first!!! and if they really love you they can wait!!!! that goes for anything and every one!!! remember to be a good role model for your kids..
and treat people like you would want to be treated!!!!"

This is so Michael, and I respect him so much for showing the world how to handle difficult people and be outstanding, respectful and most of all "classy".

Someday I will wear one of Michael's fabulous designs and when I am being interviewed on the red carpet I will want to say something like. "This is a one of a kind by Michael Costello, you can suck it Ivy!" but I won't, because Michael has taught us all that stooping to that level is wrong! I will just say. "This is a fabulous one of a kind by the awesome and talented Michael Costello"

Project Runway Season 8 on Lifetime now!~

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  1. i agree. Mike C is a great guy who is more talented then the cast says he is. Just look at his past work on definately deseves to be top 5. I just hope he creates a bombshell nest episode!!!

    joe Atlanta