Friday, November 26, 2010

Bros Over Hoes Doesn't Mean Ditch Your Girlfriends Every Time a Guy Calls

Seriously girls! Why must you act like this? I don't understand it. I really don't. It is all fine and well to be "in love", but to ditch your friends every time he calls is just plain wrong, on many levels and let me explain why.

1) You are sending him the message that you are needy

2) You are sending your friends the message that you don't care about them or your friendship

3) It is pathetic on so many levels

4) It is bad etiquette all around to blow someone off for any reason, much less a guy

I have a friend who has done this to me now 3 times. The first time I let it go. The second time I brought up the first time and she "giggled" yes I said, giggled and replied "well I would understand if you did it to me." When I told he that I wouldn't do that, she defended herself by saying "last time she checked she was a girl."

I thought I made it perfectly clear that it wasn't acceptable, and yet she did it again.

It was bad enough that she did it the first time, but the fact that I let her do it two more times?

I know, I know, I know....when I said, "haven't you ever heard bros over hoes?" She said, an giggled, "yeah, guys over girls."

Oh well, it is what it is. I gave her chances to make it up, but now she had lost a potentially good friend and for what? A guy who would leave her if she said she had plans? What a shame.

I have never done that to a friend, nor would I.

I'm just sayin'

~okay, if Jake Gyllenhaal called me, then I would-but I would have the cojones to ring my friend and scream "Jake Gyllenhaal just rang me, so I'll have to cancel our plans!!"

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  1. If you cancelled plans with me for Jake, I would insist you take me with you!! LOL!