Monday, November 29, 2010

You Never Know What The Day Will Bring

Today I woke up on a chilly Monday morning happy to be alive, healthy and ready to work on my new novel.

I had nothing else planned for the day except dropping off some work I had done over the weekend at the studio I am currently freelancing for-hoping for more work from them later this week- and that was it.

Little did I know when I logged into Facebook around lunchtime one of my favorite persons/people/friends would be in town and having lunch right down the street. I texted her and ended up having an impromptu/surprise visit with her! How awesome is that? I had no idea I was going to see her today, but I did.

Then later while walking home from the studio I ran into another friend who offered me a pumpkin cupcake and an afternoon chat :0)

What a great day!

I also got paid to write two articles-it isn't much, but it is always nice to get paid to write and I had no idea that was going to happen.

I haven't gotten much actual writing in for the novel-but I have worked out the rest of it and the ending! It is SOOOO GOOD! OMG I am so excited.

Oh ....and I was contacted about an acting job in Seattle-doesn't pay huge, but does pay. That is a horse of a-whole-nother color and I will totally write a blog about it, I am sure. I will be moving out of Los Angeles to act-but to be honest-that would be great! Acting, writing and living in Seattle. Not sure what will happen with it, but when I woke up today I hadn't heard back from the lady who contacted me last week-now I have-another contact and possible fun job.

I am writing this blog to all the Monday haters out there. I say every single day is an opportunity for something fun, someone to come into your life, to hang out with friends, a new job, a new adventure and Mondays are the best because they kick start the rest of the week!

I'm just sayin' you never know what the day will bring! :0)

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