Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sitting in Traffic? It Could Be Worse

In Los Angeles dealing with heavy traffic jams is a part of living; you either have to accept it, or be miserable. All the shortcuts on the planet wont help you avoid the inevitable-being stuck in traffic. Okay if you work 1 mile from your house and you never go out, then yeah you can avoid it, otherwise welcome to Los Angeles-deal with it.
I know more shortcuts than anyone I know, and people call and or email me all the time to find out how to save time or get around a wreck, so trust me, I'm an expert. I have lived all over Los Angeles from Valencia/Santa Clarita to the South Bay/Hermosa Beach. I have lived in Burbank and Glendale. I have lived in Sherman Oaks, and Studio City. I lived in Westwood, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I have lived in Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. I know this city. I constantly am going to Beverly Hills, or the WGA, or any decent agent in the city is in L.A. off Wilshire. I go to all the studios and have worked at most of them so at some point I have made the cross town drive in both directions during rush hour. My knowledge of this city is daunting. That said, I still get stuck in traffic because I live here, and that is part of the service.
Get my point? You will at some point get stuck in traffic and the way I see it, you can either get really upset and piss and moan that it took you three hours to get 16 miles, or you can accept it and be happy. Here is a little perspective, if you are stuck in that kind of traffic sometimes it's just that 17 million of us are all on the roads at the exact same time, but sometimes it's much worse. Someone has died, or multiple folks have died in an accident. They got into their car to go where ever they were going and never made it. You know how they say if you live in New York City long enough you will get mugged? Or if you live in Arizona at some point you will have Valley Fever? Well in Los Angeles you will see a horrible accident-either happening or just after it's happened. So the next time you are upset because you are inconvenienced by the parking lot that is the freeway-just think of the person who caused the mess you are in and have some perspective, it could be worse, you could be dead. In stead of being angry, try to have sympathy for those people involved. Every time I am stuck in traffic I always think that I hope there isn't a wreck and I hope no one has died. Just this morning I was stuck in 4 miles of a parking lot and it took about an hour to get through it, I was fearful of what I would see when I made it through, and thankfully it was nothing, just construction. Today was a good day.
Think about it and just be happy it isn't you who is hurt and hope that no one else is either and you'll find dealing with it will be easier. I also recommend, never leaving the garage with less than a half of tank of gas, water and sometimes a snack.

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