Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year-Let The Idiocy Begin

Okay, I am not one for "resolutions" per say, but if you have to do them-it's so trendy to do so-then at least use your brain.
Which leads right into my point and why I am writing this blog today. Happy New Year by the way-

Why is it that every new year women all over the world decide it's okay to starve themselves? Really ladies? You want to be treated like an equal and then you act like an idiot-yes an idiot-I said it and I'll say it again. If you are starving yourself you are being an idiot.

I don't mean those of you that have an actual eating disorder-and if you do-please get some help-as a past eating disorder person-I know how hard it can be, but you must get help.

I mean those women who insist on doing starvation cleanses and think that it's okay.
These cleanses are VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS-do I need to say it louder? They are dangerous! Don't be stupid. How can a drink consisting of lemon and maple syrup be healthy?

Use your brain.

These women say they've done it before and or survived it, and or felt great-really? Well when I was starving myself I was 108 lbs and survived-so should I be anorexic again? NO! Of course not.
Losing weight on a diet does not make it healthy.

Why not just change your habits? Eat healthier instead of starving yourself? I don't need to "cleanse" (OMFG it's so Los Angeles I could just F-ing scream) because I eat healthy. Eat healthy, mostly plants and small portions-it ain't rocket science.

Doing a "Master-Cleanse" fast is beyond dangerous and you are making the rest of us smart ladies look like idiots. If you must do it, please stop subjecting the rest of it on your FB page-it's really hard to watch your friends killing themselves to be thin.

I wonder why in the '90s it was an eating disorder to behave like this and now it's the new rage? Well these are not the '90s or the '00s-fasting on a juice is so over.

UGH. Just sayin'

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