Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stop Name Dropping-It's Pathetic

You know those people who are always bragging about who they have seen or talked to in the "industry"? You know the ones who go to a panel and all of a sudden they spent the night with Brad Pitt? I mean, seriously you want I want to say to these people?

Dear Name Dropping Poser,

You can't swing a cat in this town-and by this town I mean Los Angeles/Hollywood-center of the universe, (in most our minds), entertainment capitol of the world-without hitting a celebrity or two or more. They are everywhere, you know why? Because they work and live here. Stop your bullshit name dropping. It really makes you look stupid. We are all sick of your complete and utter bullshit. If you pay to go to a panel and then you brag about how you met a star, really? It's just sad. If you go out to eat and happen to be seated next to someone who stars in a TV show, can you really say you had dinner with them? Um, no!
I'm not talking about joking around, like if you watch three Tom Cruise movies and say on you FB status, I spent the night with Tom Cruise. Or if you say something my new husband Ryan Gosling....that kind of thing is an obvious joke, but when you are ALWAYS beating a dead horse to try to be more popular or show us all who you know, or hob-knobbed with at a Hollywood event, it just makes you look sad, desperate, and pisses us off!
I work in the industry and many of my friends do too, some are on TV, some are in films, some are famous writers of novels, some are grips-PAs-lighting-sound, etc... this is our business, it's what we do. Don't belittle our lives by bragging about seeing some celeb.
If you actually were friends with these people you claim to be so tight with you wouldn't be posting about it.
So my final words are, GET OVER YOURSELF YOU F***ING POSER!

I'm just sayin'

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