Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank God I Am NOT the President of the USA

Okay so I wake up every day thanking God, or the powers that be that I am NOT president. I mean, who on earth would want that job? No matter what you do, people hate you. And nothing is ever good enough and you are always trying to fix what some other jackass did before you.

Personally I think Bush was smart, yes he was, he has an over average I.Q. but he was NOT ready for the job at hand. Life was good when he got elected and as far as America knew all we had to worry about was Bill's extra activities. Little did Bush or anyone know that someone in the middle east was carrying a grudge from Bush senior years before little Bush got into office. Huge mistake!

So now you have a man who really hasn't done much in his life in the White House-good God-and then we get attacked and little Bush gets played like a rag doll by the people he hired to help him. He really wasn't ready and now we have Obama who is doing his best but the mess that he was left is beyond ginormous.

The lefties are angry because they are still poor, the righties are angry because they are always angry, the middle east still hates us and Obama can't seem to do anything right, or can he? I think he's doing a great job in the face of what he has to face every single day. I have a bad day and I have to rewrite a chapter or take a character out, or do a new drawing, or whatever-no one dies because of what I do, and no wars break out, etc. Poor Obama-give the man a break for fuck sake he is doing a great job, seriously!

He has my vote and there is pretty much nothing he can do to change that. I am very open minded about politics and used to be a die hard Republican-but you know I used to like the Yankees too-we all grow up at some point-so I am open. That said, the righties have gone way over the deep end. Women shouldn't vote? Only white men voting? Christian this, Christian that. Half of the south-oy vey, the south-thinks Obama is from a country in Africa that they can't even find on a map. Everyone is spreading lies and hate via Facebook and ignoring what this country was built on.

It's pretty fucking scary these days and so I chose to read the "Onion" not because I don't care, because I do, but my life is hard and scary enough, I just can't get sucked into the crazy of American politics.

I am just thankful that it's not me up there in the Oval office having to deal with the constant bullshit day in and day out.

Just sayin'

OBAMA 2012!!

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