Saturday, March 17, 2012

LAPDdy's Day Epic Fail

Tonight, at night, in the dark, some guys were banging down the doors in my complex. They were nice enough, but still I didn't let them in. It's weird at night to be selling anything. They stood around in the hallways waiting for someone-it was suspicious. I called the rent a cop the community has on staff-I am sure he was at his usual sleep post-ugh, so I called the regular cops. That's right. LAPD. Now I watch Southland and the Closer, so I have a decent amount of respect for these folks, but come on, they have reached new lazy.
I told them some suspicious guys were banging on apartment doors and could they come check it out. They asked me if I was shot. WTF? Seriously? UGH, I said no just that they were making me uncomfortable since it was night and they wouldn't leave. They told me that they could do nothing until my apartment was broken into or I was shot and then they warned me not to take any action into my own hands unless I was fired upon first. Swear to the baby Jesus.
I asked them why they couldn't come by and check it out and they said that it was a very busy night for them. I then asked if I would have better luck if I slammed down a couple beers and got into my car, and she said, "Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it tonight, the rain is coming down pretty hard."

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