Sunday, October 21, 2012

Batman, Superman or Spiderman?

Geek out Sunday....

Who do like for characters, not the comic or the films, the characters? Batman, Superman or Spiderman and why? Just curious-for me it's Spiderman for many reasons, the biggest reason is that he has to deal with real life shit and is a true geek. While I love Superman-he is perfect, so it's like, "eh" okay whatever you can fly really fast and you're super strong-we get it. Spiderman had more problems besides the daily crap in real life, he also had problems on the side-you know fighting evil. I have received a lot of comments on my YA book RYUAN like, "it's obvious you like Superman." Well the book is about an alien who was sent to earth-but not to save himself to save his own planet's people when he grows up. BUT, he isn't perfect and his abilities are more realistic and he has to deal with a ton of normal shit-like being bullied and people dying in his life constantly. I was inspired to write it because of David Copperfield, not Superman, but because I love alien stories, it was just a tool I chose to tell this kid's story. This all said, I also worked on a lot of Spiderman in my career-so I figure it's just supposed to be that way, or maybe I have jumped to those opportunities because I love the character so much.
Now onto out other hero, Batman! Holysuperhero trio Batman, I love Batman. I loved the old TV shows, I love the comics, I love ALL the movies-yes even the bad ones. Remember this? "Hi Freeze, I'm Batman." Oh the camp. I enjoy it tremendously, and a rich playboy orphan doing good for the city of Gotham? I can get behind that. He is def. on my tops, hence why all the other characters that could be in this post aren't.
So between the three who is your fave? Geek poll Sunday. :)

(And yes I worked on both a newer Spiderman flick and The Dark Knight-so I guess I have to work on something with the man of steel someday)

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