Friday, January 22, 2010

31 Souls Lost Golden Gate Bridge 2009

An article came out today about the 31 suicides that were recorded last year on the Golden Gate Bridge.

As some of you know, I spoke to a woman moments before she took her own life in Nov 2009. After wandering around on the bridge for over an hour in a daze, I left knowing that I could not save her. It haunted me that entire week. I went back to the bridge almost every day and for what reason, I can not say. I think about that girl and what she must have been feeling and how I was powerless to stop her. Some nights I don't sleep because I hear her crying. I see her face. I hear the helicopters and coast guard boats like it is happening all over. My dreams are more vivid than what I saw in reality.

I have been saddened by it ever since. I have guilt, pain, remorse, and tears for her. I wanted to volunteer for suicide prevention, but was told that after witnessing something like that, there is a waiting period to get over it. I will never get over it.

I also was in the middle of writing a novel about the Golden Gate Bridge-fiction-but yet, truthful.

Last night Nip Tuck aired a new episode and several people asked me if I wrote it. Oddly enough the patient survived a jump from the bridge. Some of his facts were off, but it was awful watching him climb over the side and jump. A place that I have stood and experienced someone's last moments. I didn't write it, but was pleased to see the situation addressed in a popular show.

I got caught up in writing a new spec pilot for a cop drama in Dec and Jan, but after seeing this episode and reading this article, I know that I have to get this book published, because in the light of a fictional story, there is a dark, tragedy that happens far too often.

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