Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Can't Believe She Wore That!

Kate Winslet is the perfect example of what to wear and how to always look elegant even in pissing down rain! She looked gorgeous as ever in this simple black dress on Sunday at the Golden Globes-the rest of these gals-not so much!
Sandy's dress was a beautiful color and it would have been amazing had it not been for the bottom half. The dress looked like the designer just tossed extra material on as an after thought. What woman, even Sandra Bullock, wants extra on her hips?
Oh Fish Face Zellwegger, tisk tisk-look at this dress? You look about 90 years old from the waist up and at the bottom you are sporting the Elvira look, which to be honest, doesn't look good on anyone, especially your 5 foot nothing frame-but you are living with Bradly Cooper, so I guess you can wear whatever you want, but you should try to look pretty just for yourself. If I was in this dress, I would be making the fish face as well.
Cloe is the worst offender, she looked like Big Bird when she got up on stage to accept her award and she even ripped the bottom of this monstrosity as she made her way to the podium. Honestly, did she not even look in a mirror?
I also believe that super white women with blond hair can not pull of "nude" dresses. They look washed out and it just doesn't work. I almost wonder why they are even made anymore. Another example is darling Drew.
Drew Barrymore is Hollywood and we all grew up with her as she grew up in front of the camera, but this dress does not work. She looked washed out and what the hell is that thing on her hip? It looks like a caterpillar decided to hitch a ride to the show. I love Drew, she is amazing and I was so sad to see her wearing this.

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