Monday, January 18, 2010

Angry At All The Anger

I don't understand people and have to say something about it.

A) If you have been out of work for months and months and finally got a great paying job with benefits, is it really necessary to bitch and moan because you don't get MLK day off? Really? Really! You should be thankful that you have a job when so many others don't and stop complaining because that job actually require you work.

B) It is not George Bush's fault that there was a quake in Haiti and it is getting down right crazy out there in liberal land. I am not a fan of GW and never voted for him and def. am left sided, but come on people, get some perspective. You are making the rest of us look crazy. GW had nothing to do with the quake and he is trying to help. I have to wonder, is it his fault you are a total and complete asshole?

C) Katrina was a tragedy no questions asked, but it was five years ago. Stop bitching about it and how much you have suffered and refusing to help Haiti, and even worse telling others they shouldn't because "no one helped Katrina" Shut the F up you cry baby. The Red Cross sure did help Katrina as did many other places. Seriously? You actually think people in Haiti now deserve to suffer because you lost your job 5 years ago?

D) President Obama is NOT a Fascist or a Communist, please buy yourself a dictionary and or take some classes before you start spouting this shit, because you really aren't making a point, and rather are showing how completely stupid you are.

I try to be upbeat and happy, but these angry individuals that have to whine and complain and make complete and ridiculous arguments that they have no knowledge of on a daily basis get on my last nerve.

If you don't have something positive to say, shut the F up! I am just sayin'

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