Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sports Team Skivvies!

You know what is totally weird to me? Sports teams that have underwear with their logo on it. I mean, really what are they trying to say? 'Our team is worth enough to have on your arse!' Or can you imagine, you are wearing your best Red Sox thongs (and yes thanks to Yawkey Way Store, I know these exist) and you get to crucial moment with the super hot guy you picked up in the pub-because please any girl wearing sports-undies drinks in a pub-he is there, you are there hot and heavy when he sees the Sox logo on your cooch and jumps off you screaming "You are a fucking Red Sox fan? The Yankees are the best team in baseball!" whips off his Levi's (Of course Levi's, he likes the Yankees for Christ's sake) and there he stands in tighty-whiteys with Jeter's number on his Johnson and 'Yankees' on his arse? The whole night is ruined because you had to wear your team on your hoo-hoo.
I just don't see the point in ruining what could otherwise be a fun night. Just sayin'

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