Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gen Y-Y Are You Such a CrY BabY?

It's amazing to me how spoiled some people are-complaining about their animation job isn't perfect or they have to work over 40 hours from time to time-there are tons of us who are always in and of work who would switch with these babies in a NY minute.

We are in a recession and tons of people are desperate for work and so many of my friends who are 30 and under are always complaining because they either don't have the perfect job-even though their jobs pays close to 6 figures and I would love to switch and to be honest am a little offended they have a job in a career that I have 17 years of experience in and I don't, but you don't hear me complaining all day long.

Or I have other friends that actually have to work at their jobs and they are always complaining. It's like the next generation is all about the crYing.

Generation Y is the CrY babY generation.

Y can't I get everything I want without even trying?
Y can't I get things handed to me?
Y do I have to actually work to achieve my goals?
Y isn't everything falling into my lap?
Y aren't my parents supporting me anymore?

Seriously! Shut up you crY babies!

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