Tuesday, February 28, 2012

God Bless the Christians-UGH

I have nothing against any religion and respect others in their beliefs, whatever, it's their thing and if it makes them happy and they aren't hurting anyone then okay. BUT, for me it is ALWAYS so called Christians that have done the worst things.

Recently my dog died and only my CHRISTIAN friends (so-called friends) have treated me terribly because of it. My Catholic, Buddhist, Mormons, Hindu, Atheists, spiritual but not religious, and Scientologist friends have been wonderful, supportive, caring and just awesome. But those "Christians" well let the judgement begin and I have been judged, deleted, defriended (real life and FB) and beat down because I was and still am sad at losing my doggie.

Two people cut me off because I wasn't happy he died and a couple others said that because I didn't believe in heaven the way they did, they were gone.

Today a Christian friend sent me an email basically ending our friendship because I didn't work around her schedule the day and weekend after my dog died. She had cut me out of Facebook weeks ago but felt it was her Christian right to, after six weeks, send me an email to beat me down some more.

I don't understand this behavior from these people. Don't they read that Bible they supposedly follow? What would Jesus do? "Oh your dog died? Well fuck off then." I don't think so.

Funny thing is this particular girl is someone who I APOLOGIZED to for being out of touch for about two weeks after my dog died. She treated me terribly and I apologized to her and yet 6 weeks later she felt like she had the right to tell me officially she can't be my friend.

It's really sad that so many people do so many shitty things and hide behind that Christian label.

I don't know what I believe as far as God, Jesus or any of it, but I can say the Bible I read did not teach such mean and nasty behaviors.

God bless these folks because obviously they are not happy.

*I do have some great Christian friends who do NOT act like this, but more often than not in my experience the "Christians" act the worst

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