Friday, February 3, 2012

Enough of These Posts

Okay, maybe I am a little less tolerant because I am still so destroyed from losing my dog on the 18th of Jan-I'll will take that in consideration when I start this mini-rant.

Why do you people insist on posting certain things on Facebook? Now I have to either unfriend you and or unsubscribe and then we might as well not be FB friends. Seriously. Stop posting this shit.

1. Photos of abused animals. Enough already! They are hard to look at and I can't save them all. Stop it.

2. Photos and posts about dogs being put down in the next such and such hours-really? Why??? Stop it!

3. Your political BS-enough is enough. Start a blog.

4. Naked photos of anyone good looking or not-really? Are you in the 4th grade?

5. Anything gross or nasty like spiders, or rotten anything-if you think it's disgusting-we probably do as well.

I am just sayin' Facebook is not a forum and it's really awful to log in and see some of these things.

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