Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Parking Machine~A Fictional Story

Hello there, how are you tonight? I'm good, thanks so much for asking. . .oops, you didn't.

You didn't care that I have been working 24/7 for as long as I can remember. You didn't seem to notice the thick pink goo that is making it's home on my right side. You didn't say hello, you didn't say goodbye, you didn't hardly even look at me.

Your cell phone rang and you picked it up started talking and walked away from me. You talked for what seemed like hours, about your car and the fact that you were stuck behind some idiot on the 405. You didn't care enough to even glance my way as you spoke into the phone so intently.

You and your friends all laughing and carrying on, not even noticing me in right in front of you.

I do think that boyfriend of yours is a complete asshole by the way, he also didn't say hello to me, and he was checking out the blond girl's ass as you turned to answer that damn phone. His friends all joking with him about you and you are so stupid that you don't even see it. But I do see it, and I see you so gorgeous with your long brown hair walking past me every day and never even saying hello.

I have accepted that my existence and your life are destined to be trapped forever in this silence. I stand here day after day, hour after hour, no matter how cold or hot it gets and am always excited to see you, but you ignore me.

But today was different than most days, you touched me, your hand felt so good and I couldn't believe it was happening. It was like a dream, and then words came out of your mouth that I have only heard before from the top businessmen that walk past me everyday on their way to some meeting that requires all their testosterone be boiling over and spilling out into their mouth. You weaved profanity in such a way that it was almost poetic. I felt special for being in the presence of such greatness until I realized that you were yelling at me.

So I will not give you your ticket back and I am not in the mood to take the five you keep trying to shove in my mouth. You can sit in this parking lot all night long for all I care, but you can not treat me like that. I sit here every single day admiring you and your friends and then you yell at me like that?

Nope, I will not give it back. You are stuck.

Stop looking at me like that, you deserve it.

You do, I am not bending. You should have been nicer to me.

What are you doing now? Oh no, please don't cry. I can't stand it when girls cry.

Okay fine, here is the ticket back, and I even stamped it so you can leave.

What are you doing? You are kissing me. I am blushing, and I think I may overheat. You're welcome, it is always my pleasure. See you tomorrow.

The Parking Machine by Stephanie Olivieri
(inspired by true events)

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