Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Pet Peeve Called, Pyramid

Everyone knows that writers, artists, actors, basically any creative types are usually out of money, low on funds, or skint as I like to call it. I really hate when people try to take advantage of that situation and then invite you to join a pyramid scheme. If you have to pay X amount a month and get all your friends to pay and they get their friends to do it and so forth, it is a pyramid scheme. Plain and simple.

I am so sick to death of these people trying to explain how they made millions off that and you can have it too, as long as you pay.

They are playing on our need for money and fear of being hungry and homeless to do so.

I could have thumped one of my friends last year for inviting me to his house last spring only to walk into a pyramid scheme party!!

It was so pissed that I almost walked out, but I endured it, just not to hurt him.

Today I saw a job posting on my FB through on of my FB friends and this person used Donald Trump's name. I thought maybe Mr. Trump had a new show and needed a writer. I clicked on, you had to give your email and phone number~FYI~this is why I use a voicemail instead of my mobile or home number~and then it went to a page that said you have to make a 300 per month commitment and then you will be making 57,000 per month!

Wow!! Am I that, excuse me, fucking stupid? If I had 300 per month extra would I have even clicked on the link that said writing job? If I had 300 per month extra, wouldn't I invest into something that would actually help my writing career like a mentor, or writing class?

I am so upset by this and when I called the guy on it, he lied, right on his page and called it an opportunity.

So okay folks, here is an opportunity for you.

Please send me 300 per month, make that commitment and get all your friends to as well and I am sure we will all be rich by the end of the year~or at least I will..

I'm just sayin'! UGH


  1. So, I guess this means that you don't want to go in with me on the counterfeit Bruce Willis DVDs?

  2. Hahahaha....well.. how does it work, I sell to 5 of my friends, they sell to five of there friends etc. etc.?? LOL