Monday, December 21, 2009

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

R.I.P. Sweet, young, talented, Brittany.
So sad when we lose someone so young.

I am a bit disturbed by so many people jumping on the Perez Hilton ban-wagon; she was NOT doing recreational drugs.

She did however have an eating disorder and even if she was better now, many people with eating disorders when they are young suffer from heart attacks later in life.

Yo-yo dieting, starving yourself and not getting proper nurtrition are very hard on the heart.

The reports are saying she had "flu like" symptoms for the past few days, for women, these are the symptoms of heart failure.

(John Ridder was feeling tired and worn out just before his heart attack-even though a man, just sayin' the symptoms are not always pain in left arm)

Brittany has been looking too thin of late and even if she thought she was okay, that weight loss most likely put a huge strain on her heart.

I am not stating facts that this is what happened, but it is my speculation and I feel sorry for her and her family.

Margaret Cho was at an event that I was attending earlier this year and she was talking about her eating disorder when she was in her twenties and how now, she has a murmur now and has to really watch it.

I was deeply saddened by the news yesterday and I only hope that they will talk about this more so young women will pay attention to how serious eating disorders can be.

Brittany was an amazing actress and outstanding person and she will be missed. Gone too soon.

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