Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Choose Choos Over Diamonds!

Dear future husband,
please don't waste your money saving up for a big expensive diamond ring. First of all, I hate diamonds and there is no trick here; I am telling you the truth, so please don't ever buy me one.

I have a Claddagh ring which is more special and more meaningful anyhow, and will happily take it from my right hand and transfer it onto my left.

I will however take a pair, or two, or three, of Jimmy Choos! I have always wanted them and you know that I will look awesome wearing them, so really this is a gift for you to enjoy as well as me. Unlike some stupid ring that, let's be honest, some poor kids in Africa probably had to loose a limb so it could be made, and I will most likely take off while I am working, and not even know where it is in a few months. Jimmy Choos will be my diamond ring and I promise to love them, er, I mean, you forever!

XOXO Your fabulous future wife~

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