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Breaking Up is Hard To Do. . .

Especially when your guy is on TV!

There are many issues to dating a guy/man who is an actor, athlete, public figure, etc. ., the most common being that usually they will cheat on you and you will find out about it in a magazine, news report, or something equally lame like that. As well, many times they aren't doing anything, but since the media and PR hounds are so involved in their lives it is almost impossible to know what the truth is, and you have to be super secure to just ignore it and trust them.

I was dating a film actor back in the 90s and sometimes would open magazines and see him with some other girl with some nasty headline, as well, this guy apparently had many girlfriends, which was fine with me, because it is hard to be serious about someone in the public eye the way this one was, but you know, then the tabloids called etc.

I have also dated guys that are actors, but are only on television and until recently didn't realize why that also sucks.

Here is the thing, I like dating actors for many reasons. 1) They are usually so busy that they don't smother you, 2) They are self absorbed enough that they don't get jealous 3) they are physically attractive-yeah I know that sounds bad, but everyone thinks it and only some of us admit it, 4) They work in the same industry as me, so they understand the craziness that is the biz.

One of my friends always makes fun of me for going out with them. I am great at ignoring tabloids and gossip and to be honest the less famous they are the easier that part becomes.

Recently, for the past two months I was dating this TV actor, nothing super serious, just dating. We met at a function and hit it off immediately, lucky for me the show he is on shoots on the east coast so no smothering of any kind. Everything was fine and in fact he was like the dream guy you think about as a teenager, a real gentleman, kind, thoughtful, and just actually all around amazing, but for whatever reason that I can't explain, I just wasn't into him the way I should be after two months. I spent most of Thanksgiving week with him, breaking my cookie theory and finally we had the talk and now we are just friends. It was a hard decision to make, but I did it.

So here is the problem, when you make a decision to break it off with someone you actually like, you are always unsure, well usually; with a TV star you find yourself flipping through the channels the show he is on is having a marathon and you can't escape him and start second guessing yourself even more. Did I make the right decision? Maybe he was perfect for me, but I am just in a bad place? I don't know!

In normal life when you end it with someone you get space and distance, and usually don't see them, but dating the celebrity is a different kettle of fish altogether. You want the break, but you can't get it in a normal way.

I am just sayin', one more thing to consider when you meet that awesome actor who is so cute and flashes that gorgeous smile at you, he will still be in your life even when it is over.


  1. Um I'm sorry I couldn't read this entry I was too distracted by those Abs! ;)


  2. Hahahahaha........well you know TV actors are hot!! LOL...Mr. X did have awesome abs...but thankfully his show isn't a soap and isn't on cable, so I won't be tormented (to cause severe usually persistent or recurrent distress of body or mind) by his body if I am channel surfing and see him...LOL!! * These boys pictured are from Abercrombie of course!


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