Sunday, August 19, 2012

Don't Be Fooled About Wellness Coaches

Many of my close friends and anyone who has ever been around me for about 2 seconds knows that being healthy, not skinny, is part of who I am. I drink tons of water, my diet is mostly plant based and I don't eat sweets that often, so I am all for wellness blogs and such.

That said, everyone thinks that they can tell others what to do. So as a blog reader, you really need to be careful. Recently someone who I know personally who isn't that healthy, but is obsessed with trend diets is now claiming herself to be a fitness, wellbeing and health expert. This person knows nothing and unless you can get a degree in nutrition in a month, then, well you know.

She didn't even work out until last summer. She ate terribly and was just a pain to be around. So now all of a sudden she is telling people what to do.

One of her blogs is telling people that 8 glasses of water is excessive? WHAT?

 I mean how can you take someone serious who doesn't even practice what they preach?

Sadly this person isn't the only one like this, especially in Los Angeles where everyone thinks they are an expert.

Here are some facts about health and wellness:

1) Every person is different and what works for them may not work for everyone. We are all unique.
2) Just because someone writes a blog doesn't make them an expert.
3) Drinking water is healthy
4) Eating veggies is healthy
5) Eating lean protein is healthy
6) Eating junk is bad
7) Exercise is good, but everyone is at different levels
8) Fad or trend diets can be dangerous
9) Dropping massive pounds quickly is NOT healthy
10) Being underweight is just as unhealthy as being overweight

There so now I am an expert! Seriously! UGH, it drives me crazy. I actually have been certified by ACE and what used to be IDEA as a personal trainer and aerobic instructor as well as a few other specialty classes such as spinning. I also took a lot of nutrition classes and I still wouldn't call myself an expert just because this week I think it's a good idea to try to make money that way.

Because I am a decent person I won't post this person's blog-that's just mean, but if you are following a health and wellness blog-do your research before you take everything they say as "God's word." And be smart, check with a professional before doing anything radical to your diet.

Use common sense people, this is not brain surgery. Be aware of scams and people looking to get rich quick. Anyone can Google images and make a blog look good.

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  1. Great post! I found you by googling "veggies." Ha! :-)

    My blog is fitness/health/wellness - based, but I'll never claim to be an expert. I'm just sharing my story at Enjoying the Course

    Now, I'm off to steal your picture and put it on my blog. lol.