Sunday, August 19, 2012

So I Guess I'll Stay Put

I have been wanting to get out of the hot weather for so long, but as things happen I go with them. I am very excited to say that I found a great apartment without even looking in my old neighborhood-that I left because the rents went up to crazy high rents and thus my move 25 miles north to "Agrestic". I have been looking in Santa Monica and San Francisco, but looks like I'll be a "Valley girl" a bit longer. And before you think it's too good to be true for me? There is no central air-but I am excited, my closest friends all live in that area, so YIPPEE!!

I actually said to the universe, "okay, if and only if there is a great place for under X amount on these four streets, I'll stay in the Valley, otherwise, find me something great on the west side." So in tune with my last post, I did put this out there and the universe delivered. I am so excited to decorate a new place!

Things I like about the Valley:

*Tons of industry people everywhere especially writers, actors and animation artists unlike over the hill where it's all producers and agents.
*Trees-we have trees and it's every green in the valley unlike the South Bay which is very pastel.
*It's comfortable to me because I know everyone and know my way around, it's like "home."
*Lots of places to hike.

So like oh-mi-God!! Totally.

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