Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eyebrows Taking Over Thursday Nights!

Do you watch Flash Forward? Of course you do; it's amazing! That said, what is with Joseph Fiennes and his eyebrows? Last week's episode was a classic for this. Every single shot of him had his head titled down, brows down, or one slightly raised, and eyes up! It is a cartoon.

I think this week I will have my sketchbook in hand so I can sketch this stuff. It is classic and I am sure will be as over used as Tom Cruise's big smile and sunglasses or running scenes in his films. A trademark so to speak.

Joseph Fiennes and eyebrows will be synonymous and interchangeable.

People all over will be asking for the "Fiennes" when they go into salons, and directors will say, "do a Fiennes" when they want a serious though provoking look that requires the heavy brow!

Flash Forward to 6 months from now with all of America giving the "Fiennes" look!


  1. Mmmm, I have to wonder if this is because he's been botox'd. Check out the remake of "Death Race" with Jason Statham, you will see a beautiful Joan Allen reduced to a creepy emotionless mannequin, because they injected her face and forehead to the point that her mouth is the only thing that can move from her shoulders, up.

  2. Hahahaha....I think it is just the England Eyebrowlofsky school of acting!! Hahahaha