Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There's One In Evey Crowd

You know this person, we all do. In each and every "group" function you attend, he/she is there just to remind you that in an otherwise insane world, you are not yourself crazy. . .well, not as crazy or annoying as this person.

Usually a little unconventional when it comes to looks, this person isn't a classic beauty, but still stands out.
Not the diva that comes to mind when you hear the word diva, but yet this person is always the center of attention.
The rules of basic behavior and conduct don't apply here. Manors are usually absent, and being rude is the standard for this one.

Yes you know them. Remember in your second grade classroom there was that one person that didn't quite fit in, but made your life hell and the teacher's as well?
You are in the movie theater and this person is either; switching seats every two seconds, and being loud about it, talking on their cell phone or commenting to the characters the entire film. Usually it is a combination of the three.
Something is always wrong in this person's life. The chair isn't right, the lighting isn't right, blah blah blah.

In a quiet lecture this person has their laptop out, which just happens to have the loudest keys in the history of the world and they are tap tap tapping away.

They are moving chairs and taking up three spaces during seminars.

They haven't ever heard of a trash can and insist on tossing wrappers behind them when they are finished as if the public room you are in is their own personal waste paper basket.

The spill their drinks and don't even attempt to clean it up, but rather, move again, to yet another chair.

They always ask the most moronic questions which always have many levels and parts to them, just so they can hear themselves talk.

So I wonder, why? Why? How? How do these people make their way in the world and why is it that you all know exactly who I am speaking of?

Because there is one in every crowd.


  1. You are so right! And they always sit right beside me no matter how many open seats there are.

  2. This is why I do the "My friend is coming soon" and save the seat, or just be a pain in the butt myself until the person goes the other way! LOL