Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spend For The Life You Want!

Know that saying "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"? I love that saying and completely believe in it. Hence why I am an artist and a writer. I love hanging out in trendy clothes, yoga pants, colorful shirts, or whatever I am in the mood for!

I have a new twist on that one and I like to call it, "spend for the life you want"...because I believe that if you are always saying..."I can't, I am broke, I can't afford it" blah blah blah you are sealing your fate. While I am not buying a BMW anytime soon, or a new condo in Beverly Hills, I do believe a little spending is healthy.

I went to a screening of a show that I love last week and one of the cast members was talking about his wine company and immediately I perked up...WINE? What? Where? WINE? (Shut up, I don't have a is made from grapes, grapes are fruit, hence it is good for you! I am just thinking of my heart) I was there and he was talking about his wine venture. I remembered the site and later than week, checked it out. The wine looked good and the description was so well written that I could almost taste it. I looked at the price, 45 bucks- and decided I must have a bottle of this wine! I must I must I must.

After emailing with this "Drop Dead" gorgeous wine vintner (I know, we can talk about a how a ridiculously good looking man can get me to spend money I don't yet have another time-that is another blog~but note: I am totally shallow and good looks are good looks~I'm just sayin)....I decided to buy! I created an account, added the bottle to my cart, was almost drunk with anticipation and then something completely weird happened, the transaction didn't go through~Someone somewhere doesn't share the same logic as me on spending, so I ended up not ordering it. Drat!

Defeated by a force bigger than me, I slumped into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of the $10 bottle I got from Trader Joes earlier in the week and it wasn't the same. It was as if the grapes knew I betrayed them for something more expensive and flashy....they didn't do their job, and it wasn't fun.

I thoroughly intend on buying one of these bottles and soon! I know that if I act, dress and spend for the job I want, it will come! It will!!

If I sit around and drink cheap wine, dress bad and never spend a dime all the while repeating that I am broke, that will be my destination. I am making a choice here!

Starting with the perfect glass of wine~

I'm just sayin'!

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