Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three Places That Shouldn't Allow Me To Enter. . .

Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble and Starbucks!

I am on "hiatus" or "between gigs" which if you read my other blog, you know is Hollywood speak for unemployed, so spending money on anything that I don't need isn't the wisest approach to fiscal sanity over the next few weeks until I start work again.

Do I really need an awesome-multi-colored-very-bohemian-yuppy-scarf when it is 105 outside with no sign of dropping below 80 for months?

Do I really need another novel, especially because 5 that I ordered from Amazon haven't even arrived yet and I have a stack of about 10 more at home that I haven't started yet?

"My name is Stephanie and I am a book-a-holic!" Being a novelist myself is an excuse~"it's research! The author is a friend of mine! I love the tv series! It looks so good! I don't have a new novel with me right now!"

And finally, Starbucks. Coffee isn't just coffee anymore and yes people do take about 10-15 minutes to think about all the different ways they can get their fix at $5 a pop! Do you know how far $5 can stretch in terms of coffee?

I think that due to my severe addiction, I need to go into rehab immediately~ Do not pass Rodeo Drive, The Grove, The Beverly Center or Century City Mall~Do not spend $200. Anyone know if Promises has a "shop-a-holic" wing?

Have I turned into one of my all time favorite literary characters~Becky Bloomwood?

Okay, well. . .as I write this blog, I think of our president~ Barack Obama. I am sure that he would applaud me because I am helping the American economy bounce back. Sure, I don't have an income persay, at the moment, but I definitely helped the country today. So. . . I guess it wasn't so bad and therefore I take back everything I just said.

Go directly to Rodeo Drive, The Grove, The Beverly Center and Century City Mall and spend $200!

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