Saturday, October 17, 2009

Social Network Down! What Do I Do Now?

I have to laugh at my own stupid behavior because today for about 4 hours my Facebook account was down and I wasn't happy!

I use Facebook for everything! I use it to email my friends that I have their email accounts for. I use it to look for work. I use it to meet new people.

What did I ever do before Facebook?

Was there a before Facebook?

Seriously! How ridiculous is it that we depend so much on the internet for everything?

That said, I love Facebook. I love it. I love networking, I love reading my friend's political views, I love hearing what people did today, I love creating stupid status posts that mean nothing.

I am truly a Facebook whore and am so happy mine is finally back up and running~

Otherwise, what would I do?


  1. I hate the thing for a reason that I will get into later, but the majority of my blogging and writing friends are over there, so now I'm stuck with thing.

    What I don't like is that I cannot comment anymore via the full-scale version with my smart phone, and commenting using the Facebook iPhone doesn't work all that well either.

    It was less buggy when updates were every ten minutes, instead of every second so that they could "compete" with Twitter. This also causes most of their apps to freeze or crash, which baffles me since that's what they use to keep tabs on us, marketing and spending-wise. If they switched to every two minutes, maybe their servers could handle the traffic better.

  2. Hahahaha...okay, I have a question.. why use an "app" on your phone when you can just go to the website? I have an Android and that is what I do, it is really easy. Just saying! So happy mine is back up though...:0)

  3. I have the generation of phone that is just before yours, and whenever I go to a site, the site will try automatically to route me to their iPhone or mobile phone page. For me to use the full version of Facebook, I have to have a strong/to decent connection, or the comments go a little awry. The Facebook "toolbar" also gets in the way of commenting sometimes.