Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Cookie Theory. . .

The Cookie Theory!. . .and how I apply it dating. . .Know where this is going yet?

Okay, you know how you love cookies? You do, everyone does. I love cookies. I love them. When I have them they are breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner, dessert and snack again until gone, but then I feel sick and don't want to see "Cookie" again for a long time.

This is a fast and steady rule I have used in the dating world and every single time I have broken the cookie rule, that has been the end of whatever may have been.

You know, you have been eating cookies and you love them because they taste so good and then you are to the point of bliss and you think to yourself, I'll just have one more. . .then regret immediately sets in and you can't even look at Cookie again for a long time. Yes Cookie that you once couldn't get enough of and you even loved Cookie has now become the thing that turns your stomach. You no longer want to see Cookie, hear from Cookie and even bump into Cookie. Cookie is pushed away!

It is the same with dating. You meet someone, you hit it off, sparks fly, the chemistry is high and you have that first date or alone time and it is awesome-cut to fireworks-and then another date and still-amazing, then so on and so on. Well this is just like Cookie, if you spread it out, then yep, it works and you still want more. BUT beware if you see the person too much too fast you are destine to all of a sudden look at them and not want to be around anymore. Which is a shame, because just like Cookie, you could have had a long lasting relationship, and lots of fun.

I love cookies, I do and when I don't have them for a while, I crave them, I want them, and when I get them, I am happy. MMMMMMM....but if I indulge too much, then know what I mean.

I have broken my cookie theory and ended up too full!

A relationship is like a cookie, it needs space to be awesome, missed and then well enjoyed!

I am just sayin', when you meet someone, use the cookie theory and you will always be happy.

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