Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not A Huge Fan of the Wolves/Otherwise-AWESOME!

New Moon delivers the goods on an emotional level.

Oh My God!!! Congratulations Chris Weitz for taking an otherwise boring as f*#@ book and making it a GREAT flick!! Seriously...with the exception of Breaking Dumb, er, I mean Breaking Dawn...I love the Twilight series. I can get past the sparkling Vampires and enjoy the Romeo & Juliet of it all. I love it actually. They are great fun. The first film was fun, w/ the exception of some of Edward's dialogue and stupid fx for his super fast vampire running-not his fault btw, but still...New Moon was great. I loved it.

I didn't like the CG wolves though, just like the Golden Compass, they were almost distracting from the film, and I still don't understand why some films-LOTR can handle CG and others can't. In any case, if you can get past some bad animation you should like this film, if you like the franchise all together.

The book was a stepping stone, in my opinion, just to get us to Eclipse, where the story picks back up and to introduce the wolves fully. That said it was a bit too much exposition and not enough story. Yes we understood Bella's pain in the book, but Chris stepped it up in the film and you actually felt her absolute agony over losing Edward. Yeah, it's a bit OTT, because how can you love someone that much that you haven't known that long? But again, this is Romeo & Juliet at the core and you just have to accept certain things as rules of the film.
It was really good and I am definitely going to pay to see it again.

Melissa Rosenberg did a much better job adapting this one than she did Twilight, but I already knew that going in.

Get ready for total and utter Vampire/Wolf box office domination this holiday season!

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