Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Smell Wrapped Itself Around The Beautiful Writer

.....and tortured her into a slow and painful death....

OMFG!!! Yes, F......what is with people and the lack of ability to smell?...I have to rant a bit and it is my blog so I am going to...

1) Not showing for days on end and then going to an event where you are sitting close to people-NOT OKAY!

2) Wearing old and dirty clothes that could otherwise show up without you in them-NOT OKAY

3) Dipping yourself in perfume or cologne until the entire state of CA can smell you-NOT OKAY

4) FARTING in public-NOT OKAY!

5) Cooking nasty ass smelling veggies is okay, but open a window or something...

Seriously? Seriously!!!

I am just sayin'!

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