Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Could Have Been Resumes

Yesterday on my last day of work (EEK!) at a freelance job a couple of friends and I were talking about jobs we didn't get for one reason or another and we joked about the "could have been resume" so here are a couple jobs that didn't happen, or hasn't happened yet for whatever reason. (Strikes, shows being canceled, parts being canceled, production slowing down, my not being 16 at the time, etc etc...hahahaha)

Stephanie Olivieri

Daytime Writing Fellow ABC Television
Staff Writer Grey's Anatomy ABC Television
Freelance Writer Dirty Sexy Money ABC Television
Staff Writer Traveler ABC Television

Head Writer Welcome to My Life HBO Productions
Showrunner The First Year Showtime

Animator Every Feature Film in Europe

Actress Sarah Horton Days of Our Lives
Actress Kendall Hart All My Children

Hahaha!! Jobs that I was so close to I could taste and then lost for whatever reason...I keep telling myself that everything happens the way it is supposed to....really it does...it does..:0)

I was called about an animation job in Europe recently and they were excited, I was excited until they found out I was American and then it was all over! It is the way of the creative lifestyle....

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