Thursday, September 23, 2010

All Because of a Westie

This morning, I got up ready for the day, and walked outside with my little dog as usual. I had made it around my block when I ran into an older lady with a puppy on the side of the street; he was also a Westie-the same as my guy. We got to talking about Westie care and then her daughter and granddaughter, life etc., and it was such a great conversation that I feel uplifted and happy that I met her.
This woman has really lived and enjoyed life, raised a family and she is still going strong. She is in her 70s, originally from the middle east, Muslim, and a wonderful spirit. It was so fascinating talking to her about her experiences in the world and in that 30 or 40 minutes that we spoke, we made a connection of sorts. She opened up to me about some sad moments in her life and we just had a great talk.
It is a amazing to me how you live your life and then suddenly you meet someone you never knew and a whole new world opens up.
I feel truly blessed that I met her today and had a talk, all because of a Westie :0)

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