Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Have A Cup of Tea! Go On, You Will!"

Old Irish women think that tea is the answer to every problem and it is usually true. If you are raging about something and you sit down, relax and have some tea you will feel better. If you are in from a rain storm; wet and cold, and you have some tea, you will feel better. If your heart is broken and you can't stop crying, the warm friendly tea will lift your spirits.

So when you say "This sucks!" or "I am so upset about this!" and it is met with the Irish, "You'll have a cup of tea. Go on, you will, you will." Trust me, you will be happy.

Funny enough it is the same in the States, people are saying tea is the answer to everything. Herbal tea, Green tea, Irish tea, just tea! Not to be confused with the infamous "tea party" that is a whole different kettle of fish, that one.

For example, yesterday all day, I felt sick to my tummy. I had no idea why and no matter what I did if wouldn't go away. Finally around midnight I Googled "Home remedies for upset stomach" and came up with TEA! Herbal tea with ginger, or straight ginger tea. I remembered that I have some "Stomach Ease" tea, and it does NOT taste good. Actually it is so rank, that I thought it would force on to throw up and thus feel better. Last night I made some and added a heafty tablespoon of ginger-which made it taste even worse,BUT, but I felt better with in 5 minutes. I could have saved myself feeling sick all day had I thought to Google earlier.

So the next time someone says, "have some tea." Have it. Whatever the problem is, the tea will help ya!

~Green tea is also on the 14 Superfoods list for optimal health~

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