Thursday, September 2, 2010

"The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent..."

..."was the summer I spent in San Francisco" is how the quote goes!

On nasty hot days like today, (currently 95/feels like 102), this is what I think about. Walking, running, biking across on a summer day when the ice cold breeze kisses your face and your body is wrapped in moist air and you can see your breath! Oh I need a 'summer' home in San Francisco. ;p

Golden Gate Bridge June 2009 ~ photo by me!

Okay, I'll admit it, the day this was taken, it was FREEEEEZING. The breeze didn't feel like kisses, it felt like knives stabbing me and I was physically in pain up there. I never ran so fast...followed by a hot cocoa at the Warming Hut-weird for June-but I'll take it any day over this miserable heat!


  1. C'mon up, the marine layer came in yesterday and it will be 68 (feels like 57 in the shade) tomorrow in The Sunset.

  2. I am headed up next week for an entire week! Can not wait.