Thursday, January 6, 2011

"It's Facebook's Fault!"

You know what I just don't understand people?

Why you are on Facebook and then bitch about it all the time? No one is forcing you to be on it but rather you choose to be there. You put all your personal information up there; where you went to school, where you grew up, how much you ate, what you ate, how big your shit was, who you are dating, photo after photo after photo after photo...(Please stop) and photos of your kids (Why? These are your children? Would you take out an add in the Chicago Trib/New York or LA Times with photos of your child? No of course not!! And they don't even get the readership FB gets) etc...and then you say that Zuckerberg is stealing your info? Newsflash Einstein, you are giving it to him and the rest of the world!

Yet you blame him and FB. One of my FB friends recently posted about FB ruining some relationship either she had or one of her friends had-I can't be sure which because the rant was so stupid, I couldn't be arsed to read all of it. The gist was that someone was spying on someone who was cheating, or flirting or something and so FB got the blame. I am sorry but WTF? If your boyfriend caught you cheating by opening the mail, would you blame the postman? Or if he saw you at a bar cheating at a bar, would it be the bar's fault? Nope, but of course it is FBs fault.

Here's an idea, don't snoop, don't cheat, and if you do, don't be stupid enough to post about it on FB.

Seems to me that the people of the world have become so "dumbed" down that they can't even take responsibility for their own actions and are always looking for someone to blame. "I was high, the dog did it, Facebook made me do it." Seriously, aren't you ashamed of yourself?

I also don't understand why everything said on FB is the truth. If you read it on FB it must be true. If someone posts anything about privacy settings, the whole FB community jumps on board to bitch and moan about how Zuck is screwing with everyone, instead of actually checking and being the commander of your own privacy.

Honestly people, don't you feel just a little stupid?

I'm just sayn'

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