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What We Say Means Something ~ Sarah Palin

Okay, so recently I have noticed that a lot more people than 'follow' me read my blog(s), and a lot more people than comment read what I say on Facebook and Twitter. Which can be a great thing or a bad thing. For example last year I went on a rant defending staying with my big bank(s) because of the country club exclusiveness of credit unions-I got actual death threats from left winged nut jobs who actually are living life like fat rich righties and don't ever have to worry about money-but that is a horse of another color and another blog. The point is, people read what I say.

Now the reason I bring this up is this. I am no one really. I am an animation artist and writer who lives a small but meaningful life. I am not in the public eye and I am not someone that thousands or hundreds of people follow. Many people in the world don't know who I am, and yet I am smart enough to be aware of the fact that what I say gets read and it makes an impression.

Do you know what I am going? If you have been reading me for a while I am sure you have figured it out.

Millions of people-people who I question their ability to see reason, intelligence and logic, but people none-the-less-follow Sarah Palin.

She says a lot of stupid, hateful, ignorant things and that is fine, she is just continuing to prove what a complete imbecile she really is. Why anyone in their right mind likes her is beyond me, but I digress.

The reason I bring this up is not to blame her for what happened in Tucson. It is not her fault, and yes lefties, get over it. You can not make her the villain for everything that happens, unless Jared Lee Loughner was in a helicopter with a long range rifle aiming at wolves and accidentally shot congresswoman Giffords by mistake you really can blame Sarah Plain 100%.

To be perfectly clear, I am more left than right, and I really find zero redeeming qualities about this woman, but I am fair and reasonable.

Okay so here lies the problem in my opinion. That moron-yes Sarah Palin-fails to even acknowledge that what she was saying was both dangerous and hateful. She put out a video the other day again blaming others for her mistakes. I don't understand what goes on in her brain that she can't even say, "shit, maybe I shouldn't have put those cross hairs over people and sent it out to the public. I am sorry, I never meant for this to happen." I mean really? She is like a cartoon character out of a great film making fun of politicians. In her mind she is perfect and that my friends is beyond dangerous.

Have you posted a status update on FB and then had people totally misunderstand what you meant and even get in arguments about it? Of course you have, we all have. What happens is that usually you will take down the status, or explain what you meant and sometimes apologize and you probably only have the attention of 10- 20 of your friends. Sarah has the whole world on her and yet she continues to say things like "reload". While I blame Jared for his actions 100% it really pisses me off that this twit of a woman won't even admit for a second that things she said may be swaying people into twisted acts of violence.

She has proven to me, AGAIN, that she is a closed minded twat of a human being and I really hope that these right winged folks that like her finally start seeing who or what you are dealing with.

Do I think she is the devil? No because she isn't smart enough to be evil.

I am just sad that anyone in this country not only likes her but wants to have her in charge. What's going to happen when she makes a public statement about taking out No. Korea and they nuke us and then what's left of the world blames her and she says that it is left winged rhetoric and has no place in the tragedy that is WW3? Yes I am exaggerating to make a point, but the point is right.

Someone please teach that stupid cow some grace, humility, understanding and to keep that big pie hole of hers shut!

I'm just sayin'!


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