Monday, June 21, 2010

Any Idiot w/ a Camera and or Microphone

Okay I am sorry but I have to say it. I can NOT stand video web blogs. When I am interested in something, I do not want to watch a video, or I would be watching a video. I like to read blogs, not watch them and sorry to say it, well okay I am not really sorry, but 99.9% of you who are doing these, do not know how to speak on camera and it is really hard to watch. As well, I can't stand blog pod casts that are replacing actual meetings with people.

This is happening more and more. There will be an add for a lunch meeting or talk, and then come to find out I have to log into my computer and listen to some damn radio talk? I want to connect with people in real life.

Workshops that are done this way have zero appeal for me and I really find it sad that any idiot with a camera thinks they are a talk show host and for me, it just doesn't work.

You tube has made it possible for independent film makers to get their work out there and that is great, but it is also ruining people's writing skills, because instead of writing a cool blog to get thoughts out there, people are standing in front of cameras and talking.

It is really an exciting time in the world, but it is equally depressing. People are always taking short cuts and the lazy way out.

As well, from a marketing POV, this whole web blog, video blog, pod casts whatever, suck majorly, because you don't have your audience's full attention. Computers crash and slug by. Phones ring, the dog barks, the doorbell rings, Sonny Corinthos shoots someone, IM pops up, Facebook is there, etc. etc. etc. If you were holding a workshop, meeting, or wrote something, you would have people's full attention. It is pretty simple if you think about it.

In any case, I know many of you probably disagree, but I could not stand to say something about it because it is driving me completely insane! I am just sayin' ~

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