Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Eye Has No Work Ethic!

Does anyone like going to the eye doctor?
I mean, it isn't the worst visit you can have: as far as doctor visits- go-Ladies? (Spread em!) Men? (Cough!) You know exactly what I mean! It can always be worse.

But, they put drops in your eyes to numb them, then they poke you in the eyes, and then more drops, and then basically you can't see for a few hours. I am just sayin'!

I went today and still have 20/20 vision, yay me! That said, drawings are fuzzy sometimes, so will be ditching the old glasses for a slightly stronger prescription than the one I have now, and reflective lenses-which will help with the under light, the over head light, the lights in my eyes all the live long day, when I am working on tiny details!

Ironically the worst part of assistant animation/clean-up is drawing eyes! Your eyes need to be perfect so your character's eyes are perfect.

When I was little, really little, 12 lbs or so, a month into life, the doctor told my mom I would be crossed eyed unless I got surgery. Well if you knew my mom, you would know what she said, but then again at 3, they told her the same. I guess I had a lazy eye. Her solution, a view master.

It totally worked! And until high school when sometimes the alcohol had the best of me, or if I was reeeeeeeeeeeeeally (see how many Es? That is a lot-for dramatic effect) tired, I would get double vision. Well now that doesn't happen, but sometimes the tiny details are hard to see. Apparently this same lazy eye is just well being lazy.

It is like, I am working, and it decides on it's own to take a nap and then I can't see perfectly, so it is what it is. Nice to know it isn't my age or anything.


And it was a great excuse to shop! :0)

I did not get a view master-but I did get new frames that look awesome on me!!

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