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Effing Vegetarianism!

So, about a year ago, I decided to become a vegetarian for the second time in my life. Yes some of it was because a few of my friends were die hard vegans and on the case for no meat, no dairy, so I tried it.

Lemme start this with, I AM SUPER HEALTHY! I never get sick.

My roommate literally has a cold or flu about every 6 weeks and even had Swine flu last year and I didn't get it. I am healthy.

When vegetarian, I study and eat all the extra greens, chick peas, almonds, cashews, oatmeal etc.. to make up for losing vitamins. I even started taking supplements!

You would think that was enough!

Well, it wasn't.

Don't eat dairy?

my vitamin D is so low I have to be on a prescription for three months! Prescription vitamins! UGH...This is what I get from not drinking milk and cutting cheese out.

Don't eat meat-especially red? Well my iron and B vitamins are also super low.

One of my veggie friends is like, "well I don't believe in western medicine so I don't know my levels, but I feel fine" I feel fine as well, but I can't donate blood, and this could lead to other problems.

I am not telling you to be or not be a vegetarian, but rather, just that this is what happened to me.

I love veggies, I love them, so it isn't like I am going to not be healthy and start hanging out at fast food chains and shoveling down junk food, but I am going to change back to the way I was before I decided to be healthy-because I was healthier before all this trying to cut food out to be healthy.

So tonight, I will enjoy a cheeseburger-and hopefully satisfy my B, C, D, Iron and whatever else I have been missing!

Because before I was a vegetarian, all my levels were fine! I'm just sayin'!


  1. I couldn't survive off just food food (what I call food for your food). I need me some meat and cheese, or I will go INSANE. But I still try to be healthy and it's very rare that I get sick. :)


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