Thursday, June 3, 2010

Think Before You Speak-Cuz You Use Oil Too!

I am sure I am going to be hugely unpopular today for writing this, but I honestly can't stand it anymore!

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I swing very left when it comes to most politics these days. I was a Republican for many years-I was raised that way- and I also believed it. I dubbed myself the real, and female, Alex P. Keaton. Seriously. Then I grew up, started reading A LOT and rolled to the left.

I am pretty opened minded and usually I will see that both sides offer good and both sides have extremists that ruin it for the whole lot.

Here is a perfect example of the extreme left wing nutters going too far-as if they don't use oil.

You have heard about the tragic oil spill a couple weeks ago brought on by what looks like the neglect and carelessness of BP ( British global energy company which is the third largest energy company and the fourth largest company in the world.)?

Of course you have. You have to be literally living under a rock to not have heard what is going on. It is truly awful, and I don't think anyone on either side will say anything less, but the lefties are going too far now.

I see posts all the time about how Obama doesn't care, that is so not the case, but I guess these crazy lefties haven't noticed what has been going on in Korea the last week and or the middle east? Obama has a lot of shit going on, and I think he is doing a great job handling it.

They, the lefties, are also taking it too far by saying, stop drilling off America's shores, and yet they don't want us taking oil from the middle east? Hrm? Now where should we get it?
As well, they are saying to stop using it and yet they climb into their SUVs and drive all over town. If they wanted to stop using oil, they could at any time this is a free country.

No blood for oil was a huge slogan when that moron Bush invaded Iraq, and while I think the war was a mistake: no blood for oil? Really?

Oil is used in our every day lives in many many ways, all over the world. The fact is, we need it, hence the fighting. (Don't get me started on the religious nut cases-that is another blog)

Here are some ways that we use oil every day and I challenge all the lefties to do without.

1) All plastic products (many of the materials used to make the clothes you wear, or the carpet you walk on, plus hundreds of the other products we take for granted) are made from petrochemicals. As the name implies, a main ingredient in petrocehmicals is oil.

2) Through refining, petroleum can be turned into many types of petrochemicals. One of these is synthetic (man-made) fibers, which can be woven into curtains and carpets. Man-made fibers are often wrinkle-free, so they look better. Many also do not absorb water, so mold and mildew are much less of a nuisance.

3) Some medicines, such as penicillin, are made by organisms, but most are manufactured from chemicals, and many of these are made from petroleum products. Acetylsalicylic acid, or ASA, is the active ingredient in many of the well-known, over-the-counter pain relievers. ASA is manufactured from petrochemicals. One of the first uses of oil, dating back thousands of years, was as medicine. Other early uses included illumination and as a boat resin to help keep ships sea-worthy.

4) Detergents are substances that act as cleansing agents when mixed with water. There are two main types of detergents: soapy and soapless. Most soapless detergents are made from oil products. The soapless detergents include powders and liquids used to wash clothes and dishes in a dishwasher. Some are made using petrochemicals, while others are made using alcohols and ethylene oxide that are petrochemical products.

5) Make-up, nail polish and lipstick are all made, at least partly, from oil. They are mixtures of such compounds as oils, waxes, perfumes, and colors, many of which can be made from petrochemicals. Nail polishes, for instance, are mixtures of pigments, solids, and solvents. The pigments give the polish its color, and the solids form the film that sticks to the nail and provides gloss and flexibility. Hair dye is also created using petroleum products.

Do you get the point? And of course, heating your homes, driving your car, etc.

So until you lefties are really ready to give all this up (and more) please shut up, enough is enough. It is getting really really old, tiresome and the rest of us sane people are sick of hearing how you think the whole world is full of criminals and no one cares but you.

Yes the BP spill is a tragedy, and yes they made a lot of mistakes, and it sucks, but you are using oil, so please think before you get on your soap box and or try living for even a week without anything that oil is a part of-good luck with that plan.

I'm just sayin'!

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  1. Intelligently written. This is precisely why I consider myself an Independent.

    I've been saying all along that oil cannot become "extinct;" it's just not going to happen unless those hypocritical enviro-hippies come up with a better, CHEAPER alternative to powering our cars and homes and combating mildew, and so on. And as for the Obama administration's response on the oil spill, I'm reminded of Bush on Katrina. Both Presidents have made mistakes, but that does not mean they are completely blind to all the suffering and don't care! They did and have done all that they could, as one person, to handle the situation.

    Sorry, America, but we won't be having a Messiah anytime soon.