Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will I Do A Drawing For You?

*WARNING* this post riddled with sarcasm-meant to offend

Yes I have nothing better to do with my time and would LOVE to do you a drawing, or animate your brilliant script, and of course I can do it in less than a week. No problem. You want Disney quality? What else? And you are offering the chance to work on something "ground breaking" (I think you need to look that term up) Never mind that it takes a team of hundreds 2-4 years to do an animated feature, I can definitely do it by myself in just a matter of days. Of course because I believe that your script is better than anything out there. Even though, it isn't funny, the characters don't make any sense and no child would ever care about this story, you have it, I will animate it.

And I get to design the characters? WOW Bonus!

I get CREDIT? OMG! What a great deal thank you so much. I can't wait to add another credit to a list that is so long, I am dropping off projects.

You want me to "brand" you? You will send your new postcards out and everyone will see my work? What a great opportunity for me. I mean, never mind the 20 or so animated feature films I have worked on, 2-6 commercials a year, or shorts that are on the air where people see my drawings, having my drawing on your business card will put me into super stardom. Thank you for the opportunity, this is awesome!

A logo? For your product that will go out all of the world-that is, if and when you sell this idea you have-why would I want money for that? I love to draw, it's fun. I will get right on that.

You want a card for your loved one's birthday? Thick and thin lines, witty dialogue and full color-what? It's due THIS weekend? I have three whole days to get it done?

I really am so happy you are asking, me a professional artist, to work for free, because I love to draw, it's fun so why in the world would I expect to get paid?

Sorry that my actual job and life have gotten in the way of you taking advantage of me.

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    that is very well put.. because as you know, us starving artists don't really have need for money. We get the joy out of giveing ourselves to your cause to use as you see fit...because after all, it is only a drawing, right? It is not like it is somthing that is hard to'on.... :)