Friday, June 11, 2010

Older Is Better In This Profession!

President of the United States!

That is the only profession where being older is actually a plus.

Think about it.

Obama was 46 when he was elected, and he was the second youngest president elect? People always said, "He is too young! He doesn't have enough experience. He is so young."

Wow! I wish in Hollywood they said that when you were in your 40s! That would be so awesome!

JFK was only 43, a baby!! An infant~

But hey take an actress over 35 and she is done! You wanna write for television better lie about your age and don't ever celebrate past 31-especially if you are a woman.

Advertising? You have to be in your 20s! Your twenties!

PR? 30 max.

You are smart but couldn't afford medical school when you were young, now you are in your thirties? FORGET IT! Most medical schools won't even accept students over 30, and practically no hospitals will accept interns at that age either.

Retire at 55 , or 65 is what we hear our entire lives. OLD is anything over 35, and don't even think about getting a new career in your 40s!

The good news is if you already work in your industry, you may be okay.

If you already work in entertainment-as long as you're not acting, you can survive as well. It's hard to break in after a certain age, but once you're in, you're in.

BUT if you really want to go for a job that it is better to be older. Run for president!!

Reagan-the actor-was almost 70!

In the midwest, you are definitely dead by 70, never mind retired, and in Hollywood forgotten-unless you are Betty White-but you can be president!!

What are you waiting for? Do it!

Finally a career that embraces your wisdom, knowledge, and wrinkles!

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