Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Save the Rest For Tomorrow

Ever come home late, say from a networking event and need to eat something, so you grab some pasta and or possibly stir fry rice? You know, something you can whip up and then "eat the rest tomorrow" because let's face it, it's late, you aren't even going to have one serving, much less the whole lot.

I like to call this: The One Serving Plan Goes Awry.

It goes like this, you make the plan for just a nibble, because one serving is usually so small you couldn't fill even the a 5 year old's tummy with it. Okay, so you have the plan, you make the food, you take a small amount and put into your bowl, plate, cup whatever, then you put the rest in a container to store overnight in the fridge for tomorrow. "Yay! I won't have to cook lunch now!" You say to yourself as you walk way to have the rest-now.

All of a sudden your bowl is empty! What? How did that? What? It's empty? But I am still hungry! So you walk back to the container, because it is just sitting on the counter-"Cooling off"- and take a little bit more, but you don't eat it right away, you carefully take the spoon and smooth out the top of the container, so it still has the illusion of being full.

The same bloody thing happens again, but this time, you are feeling a little more satisfied, and you know if you just eat a "tiny" bit more, you will be done for the night.

You go back to the kitchen, and take half of what is left and put it into your bowl. YUMM-EEE!

You finish in two gulps and place your empty bowl in the sink. You look at the container and think it is still a smidge too hot to put in the fridge so you start doing your dishes, and it is there steaming right behind you. You grab the lid, close it and place in the fridge for tomorrow.

Dishes are done, shoes are off, you sit down after a long day and press "recorded shows" on your DVR. Top Chef has a new episode, so you watch.

After the Quickfire Challenge is up, you go to the fridge, take out the container, sit back down on the couch and finish it, and possibly add some crisps to it. The empty-and now needs to be washed container that you didn't really need to use in the first place and now you are just wasting water killing the rain forest destroying the planet-container looks sad as you place it in the sink. It is at that moment that you realize that this is not the first time this has happened to you and the only thing left for tomorrow is another thing to wash.

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