Thursday, April 29, 2010


Are all Prius drivers douchebags? Or have they all joined a club where douchebaggery is the way of life?

Why is it when you are driving around Los Angeles and someone is in front of you going at least 10 miles UNDER the speed limit, 9.9 times out of 10, it is some A-hole in a Prius? If they are texting as well, then it is even worse because you can add weaving to the already bad driving.

The people I encounter on the roads that are in their Prius all drive way too slow and that is dangerous. I don't understand why these people think that it is okay to act like that.

They think they are doing the world a huge service by driving a hybrid, and the truth is, they aren't. My old fashion car gets almost as much mpg as a Prius and guess what folks? I am not a douchebag when driving. I go the speed limits, I pay attention and I actually use the turn signal.

Side note: why do Prius owners think they don't need to use a turn signal?

UGH! The thing is, to the group of jerks driving these ugly, expensive, cars, you aren't really saving anything because the pollution caused by nickel and rare earth metals (dysprosium and neodymium) used in the Prius battery are just as bad on the environment as petrol used in normal cars.

That said, it is obvious that you aren't so smart because you spent $15K + more than I did on my car for the occasional 10mpg more. 10 whole miles more? You do the math, you really didn't save any money, and then you went and joined the asshole driving club.

Why? Why? Why? Do you Prius owners insist on driving this way?

If you really want to save the planet, get out of your twenty five THOUSAND dollar car, buy a bike and pedal around the city, oh but wait, then you won't be able to text all the live long day-what a concept.

Funny how drivers of other hybrids don't act like this, so I wonder is it in Toyota's contract that you have to be an ass, douchebag or wanker to own one of these cars?

I am just sayin'!

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