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More Flies With Honey

Happy Monday everyone out there in cyber space.

I am sad that I had to remove a blog due to actual threats by people and I still don't understand that type of behavior. I mean, it is one thing to really believe that you are right and to argue your points, which is the point of an argument-to get the other person or persons to sway to your side, but to out and out threaten someone for something as stupid as not wanting to leave big banks for credit unions?

Yes I was threatened and called a communist bitch because I had a blog on Thursday asking for simple reasons to why someone like me would benefit by switching to a credit union and people got really upset with me. I wanted to keep the blog up, but then it went too far and the words, "If I am ever in .....(my city)...and see you, I will fucking kill you, and your big bank, you commie bitch-it's people like you ruining this country" and it went on.

Being in shock over that all weekend, I am still confused to why someone would act like that? I did get called stupid and immature because I wouldn't agree with one guy, that was just a bit silly, but to actually threaten someone? WOW

Here is the thing, many people after talking to me about why I stay with bigger banks agreed that for me, ME not them, right now, a credit union would NOT be good; at least not for day to day banking, which is all I need right now. I may join the local entertainment one for just savings, and that is free, no fees accept the one time joining fee of $5. There is still the holds on deposits and no fast access to my money, but if it is a savings it is better than what I have now, or maybe it isn't better but it isn't worse, like having a checking account would be.

I am just mystified to people's behavior in this day and age.

It is like the extreme religious groups that kill others for having different beliefs?
the crazy political rants that people go on and threats made to the president and or candidates?

Does violence really solve anything people?

Didn't your mother teach you that you get more flies with honey?


  1. The CEO of one of the credit unions read my blog and sent me an email inviting me to join! That is actually really nice and no bank would do that. I probably will open some sort of savings soon, but for day to day, it just isn't for me.

    I also talked to a friend who also has one of the banks that I have and he gets charged for everything. Like making transfers between accounts, withdrawls, just having the account-we are having two completely different experiences.

    I wanted to share, but this said, I still don't think death threats and such are appropriate.


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