Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kayak across the Pacific Ocean!

OMG So last night a friend of mine and I were goofing off on Google maps, and we typed in my old address in Sydney, Australia to Burbank, CA and look at the directions! Hilarious..

The best part!!

Kayak across the Pacific Ocean

But look at the map! Doesn't it stand to reason that one wouldn't go all the way up to Japan and then over to the Canadian border when Kayaking to California from Sydney? That is just silly! LOL

It is so funny...the directions are way too long to use up my whole blog-so trust me. It gives like 118 different turns including going all the way through Australia, then kayaking-which it has like 3 funny..


  1. Okay, if you walk you still have to kayak-I was hoping for swimming, but you get this warning:

    Walking directions are in beta.
    Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

  2. I love this. so i had to just spend the last hour of my life trying to get directions from London and Paris and Vietnam etc. But it seems you can only kayak from japan, china and australia... and it's the same route every time. Maybe the distance over the Atlantic is just too outrageous... I mean really... that's a long stretch!

  3. I know! There was one a couple years ago going around, that was like from New York to LOndon and I think it said "swim" across..What I love about this one is that the directions aren't even the quickest, if that was even possible to kayak! LOL..