Friday, April 9, 2010

Blog Stuff. . .

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last posting about banks and credit unions.

Most of you had valid reasons and great posts, some of you however, took it a bit too far.

Assuming things about me, or which bank I use. I did name 3 big banks, and by the way, I don't belong to the one big bank that everyone seems to be slamming.

That said, tell it to me like a 2 year old does not to slam me, or cut me down; I mean, really, is that how you talk to a 2 year old? What that means is explain it to me in terms of my every day life, not %s and the bigger picture for you or your family.

I tried my best to approve all comments but some of them I couldn't and I hope you understand.

I will not publish comments that call me names.
Threaten me.
Name specifics about anything-banks and credit unions-if they are lying and slanderous for legal reasons, I can't do that.

You shouldn't be reading my blog if you are so inclined to be so obnoxious. It is like those people that sign up on fan pages for stuff or people they hate and then they slam them. Really, what do you hope to accomplish?

The people that were nice, and explained things definitely helped lead me towards a credit union someday, but not today. That is my right.

The people that were obnoxious, slanderous, threatening and or just kept repeating the same stuff I have read on websites, you are the people I don't ever want as part of my financial family. You have driven me further from ever wanting to join a credit union.

For those of you who are confused about this post. I had a blog about switching from a big bank to a credit union and what are the benefits for someone like me that just wants to be able to access her accounts and have her deposits go in immediately, as well as have no fees.

There were a lot of assumptions made and a lot of name calling, that is not acceptable. I respectively ask those of you to not read my blog anymore, because clearly we see things differently.

It makes me sad that people have to act like that...I am just sayin'


  1. Hi, I appreciate the open and honest discussion on the topic. As I'm sure you noticed, we credit union people are pretty passionate about the subject, and feel like we've been living under the shadow of banks (and their ad budgets) for a long time - so much so that most people don't even recognize that there is a difference at all. I appreciate anyone who recognizes that there is a difference and is willing to discuss it, regardless of their opinion. (I didn't get to read the original, actually, so I'm not sure where you stand.)

    Anyway, good luck in your search for a new financial institution. I wish I could apologize on behalf of all the name callers, but I do thank you on behalf of all of us who are just happy credit unions are getting enough attention that people are asking the kinds of questions you posed.

  2. Well death threats and name calling are not the way to get people to join anything. I am not looking for a new financial anything. A friend of mine was asking all of us to join credit unions and that is why I posted a blog asking people to explain what the benefits are like I was a two year old. Meaning, don't copy and paste interest rates and stuff like that, just tell me for day to day why it would be better and it isn't better. Even the credit unions admit that.

    I do know people that belong to big banks that do get charged for every little thing, I am not one of them. In fact one of my big banks covered my over draft just this week and did NOT charge me. I have one friend that claims this same bank charged him $35 to transfer funds between accounts-this makes no sense to me, because I transfer money all the time between my savings and my checking and there has NEVER been any kind of charge.

    The difference between credit unions and big banks is this; if you have money, extra money and don't mind having holds on all your deposits and or paying monthly fees, then yes a credit union is for you because after years of being a member your interest rates will be slightly higher in your saving and you may get a low rate on your loan-only after years-
    Big banks offer free checking-yes usually you have to have direct deposit or something like a monthly transfer to a savings account, usually small, and your deposits are available within one day, so for day to day banking, big banks are still better for people who need the day to day break.
    Not one person could say that a credit union was better for me, because the truth is, they aren't.

    I am talking about for me personally. People starting talking about their kid's savings accounts and stuff like that, which had NOTHING to do with what I was asking.

    I was called all sorts of names, talked down to, called stupid and finally a death threat to kill me and blow up my bank.

    People assumed what bank I went to, even though I never said it, and started all sorts of lies.

    To be honest, the credit union people are like the extreme religions, they ruin it for the whole group. I am not against credit unions, or religion, but being bullied into joining any group is too much for me.