Monday, April 19, 2010

Doh! You're Not Welcome Here

How funny is this.

A few years ago I started applying to work on The Simpsons as a board artist and or character layout artist. I haven't been hired despite passing the test more than once.

Sometimes I don't pass, but sometimes I do. Once I took the test for a friend, because he didn't have time and we were conducting an experiment, the joke was on me, he passed and was offered a job for the same exact test that I didn't pass, it was identical...since I did them both.

Oh the industry.

To be fair, there are always politics involved and I have no ill will towards the Simpsons. I still would love to work on that show someday. This isn't about that, not being hired, not really.

The last time I took a storyboard test for the show was over a year ago, and I took that test because I was told that the earlier test I did was passing but the new director wanted to see another look. Fair enough, doing tests over and over for the same show without getting paid is always fun *sarcasm*-can't be helped on this subject-but I keep trying, showing them that I will do anything to get a job on that show, because I really want to work there.

I heard nothing for a few months and then was told that I wouldn't be offered a job at this time, which was fine because I was slammed on another short for another studio; this was summer 2009.

A couple days ago I went to my mailbox and saw a letter from Starz Media/Film Roman and thought to myself, "What is this? I haven't applied for a job there in over a year?". I had actually submitted a portfolio a few months back for a different show, but got the portfolio back, no test given though. Fair enough, it happens. But I digress, this time I was curious, so I tore open the letter to see a rejection from the Simpsons show.

I was like, "what?" I was so confused that I emailed the HR woman-who I love btw-and she said she wasn't sure and maybe it was from last year.

So now the Simpsons are not hiring me, again, they are sending preemptive strikes, letting me know that if I wasn't feel insecure about myself already where their yellow family of cartoon foolery is concerned that they will not be hiring me, and I didn't even apply.

Oh well, I guess I should thank them for saving my time this year...LOL

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